Your garage door should be serviced once a year to ensure that it runs smoothly and safely. During your service, your garage door will be given a complete once-over. Here’s what your garage door technician will do during a service. Maintenance and repairs are something that shouldn’t wait.
If you heard a super loud bang coming from your garage, and it wasn’t your car misfiring, then it was almost definitely the torsion spring breaking. Torsion springs hold a lot of tension as they help to hold up such a heavy object like your garage door. When they snap, they produce a loud bang which you’ll then be able to see that the spring is broken when you look behind your door.
Getting your garage door serviced is a bit like going to the dentist: if you can’t remember the last time you did it, you should definitely do it. Whether it’s been 18 months, 3 years, 10 years or 20 years since you last got your door serviced, don’t hesitate to book in and get your door serviced or repaired. There’s always something that can be improved in the functionality of your door – whether it’s more lubrication, an alignment or a full-scale service.
Bent tracks are a leading cause of excess garage door noise – shuddering, in particular. The cause of the noisy door could be down to poor lubrication. This is a simple fix that Star Door Service take care of, all the time. There are many components to a garage door and if they’re not tightened properly, you’ll start to hear a combination of worrying sounds like scraping, squeaking or grinding.
While roller doors roll into a cylinder above the garage, sectional and tilt doors are stored horizontally below the ceiling. Roller doors need a specific opener to do this, as do tilt and sectional doors. Using a tilt or sectional opener on a roller door would be a built like trying to drive a boat on land.
Servicing your garage door once a year is the only way to ensure that it’s always safe to use. Though they’re sturdy and reliable, a lot can go wrong with your garage door, like a warp in the tracks or a wheel jamming up. A professional door technician at Star Door Service will fix these issues in a flash.
Many garage door manufacturers have clauses in their warranties that state that only a recognised repairer can conduct maintenance and repairs on your garage door. To confirm whether your garage door warranty states this, you have to check with your manufacturer.
Not every remote control is the same. Some remote controls have better security features than others, some have heavier-duty cases so they can withstand being dropped, and others are simply more stylish and less cumbersome. Some types of remotes have vastly superior security features over others.
Good news: sectional doors are able to be replaced section by section rather than installing a whole new door. You beauty! This repair is great for when one panel of the door has been damaged and the other panels are still fully in tact.
Safety is the biggest benefit of servicing your garage door. If you let your garage door go without a service, then you’re risking a serious safety hazard. Your cables, for example, could be on their last legs, literally hanging on by a thread.