Garage Door Safety Tips

Safety around the home is usually quite straight forward: don’t chop veggies with a blunt knife, don’t change a lightbulb while standing on a swivel chair and, whatever you do, don’t deny your teenage daughter tickets to the Katy Perry concert for her birthday… that one’s possibly the least safe decision of all. 

But when it comes to garage doors, our safety advice differs greatly and there’s a few tips you may not have considered in the past. Don’t worry: we’re not going offer you painfully obvious tips like ‘don’t stand under your garage door when closing it’. Here are some solid safety tips, brought to you by the legends at Star Door Service.


Get your door serviced annually

Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home, unless you’ve got one of those mechanical bulls that they have in country nightclubs. If you don’t own a mechanical bull, then your garage door should be given special attention when it comes to maintenance. Servicing your garage door once a year is the only way to ensure that it’s always safe to use. Though they’re sturdy and reliable, a lot can go wrong with your garage door, like a warp in the tracks or a wheel jamming up. A professional door technician at Star Door Service will fix these issues in a flash.

Test your auto-reverse once every few months

The auto-reverse function is one of the most important parts of your garage door, so you want to be entirely sure that it’s functioning. You can test this yourself, by parking your wife’s car undernea-… no, only kidding. Leave a stack of paper towels in line of the garage door, then close it. Your door should recoil as soon as it feels a certain amount of resistance. 

You can also use this method to test your laser sensors, if your door has those. Your laser sensors should pick up that there’s something in the way and refuse to budge from the closed position.

Consider extra safety features

You can leave the remote out of the kids’ reach as much as you like, but when it comes to actively preventing an accident, you want to make sure your garage door has the best safety features. If you’ve got what we call a dinosaur door, which hasn’t been updated since Napoleon invaded Russia, you might want to consider an upgrade to something safer, or at least install an opener with better safety features. 

Talk to the guys at Star Door Service to get your door checked, serviced or updated to ensure it’s safe for use. Star Door Service are Perth’s experts in repairs and maintenance, stocking a wide range of openers and motors too. Call Star Door Service today for a top quality service at a competitive price.