How To Tell If You Have A Broken Garage Door Spring

Your garage door is a bit like your body – no, it’s not muscular, rugged and chiselled like a Greek god, but it does have a number of important parts that help it function. One of the most important of these organs is the torsion spring. So, what happens when you suspect this organ has failed and needs replacing? Keep reading to find out how to tell if your torsion spring is broken and what to do about it.


But first, why is it so important?

That’s a good question. Your garage door spring connects to the cables that wind up when you activate the garage door. The spring is essential to the functioning of your garage door because, as the cables turn, the tension increases on the spring, pulling the door up. If it becomes broken or damaged in some way, it won’t operate properly, resulting in a door that doesn’t open correctly — or open at all. 

Signs that your garage door spring is broken

There are many signs that your garage door spring could be broken. We’ll start with the most obvious ones and make our way down the list:

  • You heard an extremely loud bang

If you heard a super loud bang coming from your garage, and it wasn’t your car misfiring, then it was almost definitely the torsion spring breaking. Torsion springs hold a lot of tension as they help to hold up such a heavy object like your garage door. When they snap, they produce a loud bang which you’ll then be able to see that the spring is broken when you look behind your door.

  • You came home to find the door misaligned or not working

If nobody was home to hear the huge bang, you may have come home to find that your garage door has become misaligned or non-functional. Go behind your garage door and inspect your spring, determining whether it’s snapped or not.

  • The door opens a few inches before shutting

If the spring broke while your door was in the closed position, then it may not go up again when you try to open it. A common sign that your torsion spring is broken is when your door opens a few inches, but shuts after failing to open.

What to do when you suspect your torsion spring is broken or damaged

Your garage door spring may not even be broken, but it could be significantly damaged. In either case, don’t touch your door and call a professional immediately. It’s dangerous to try and interfere with a garage door that has a faulty spring.

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