The first thing to do when reprogramming your garage door remote is to consult the owner’s manual. This provides a wealth of knowledge about your remote, and will certainly contain instructions on reprogramming. If you don’t have a physical copy of your owner’s manual, try searching on the internet. You’ll find there are many manuals for garage door remotes online.
If your garage door goes up but not down, the first thing to check is your laser sensors. It could also be due dirty laser sensors. If you’ve recently had a storm or there’s pollen in the air, your laser sensors can quickly become dirty. This dirt interferes with communication between your laser sensors, meaning that your door is able to go up, but it’s not able to come down again because your laser sensors think something is in the way.
It’s a commonly asked question: how do I reset my remote? For most garage door systems, it’s not actually the remote that gets reset – it’s the opener. After resetting the opener, you’ll then have to program the remote, which we’ll touch base on further in the article. While all models of garage door opener are different, most of them share a similar way of being reset.
If your remote is dead, you can easily grab a replacement from the team at Star Door Service. They stock a load of different high quality garage door remotes for different openers, which should solve the problem. Another reason why your garage door opener isn’t responding to your remote is that there could be a problem with the opener itself. Try operating your garage door opener using the button on the unit itself.
Choose a garage door opener that’s made by a reputable, well-known manufacturer. Your garage door opener needs to have enough power to easily operate your garage door. Always ask a professional like the ones at Star Door Service about required power output before purchasing a new garage door opener. Now, we come to choosing the right type of opener for your home. The type of opener you need depends on your style of garage door: tilt and sectional, roller or a gate.
Winter’s cold and rainy weather can take a toll on your garage door if you’re not maintaining it properly. Winter increases the risk of rusting garage door parts like on your springs, rollers and chain. Scheduling an inspection and service for your garage door over winter is the next thing on your to-do list. Winter is the best time for servicing your garage door, due to the adverse weather conditions that are about to come.
Modern openers all feature rolling code technology, which changes the coded signal each time the opener is used. Most new garage door opener remotes and keypads have a similar programming process. It’s important to note that not every model is the same, however, and it’s best to refer to your manufacturer’s recommendations.
If just one or two rollers aren’t properly lubricated, it’s likely that you’ll know about it when they start producing a squeaking or scraping sound. If your garage door is misaligned, it’ll probably make a bit of noise, too. Clogged garage door tracks could also be the source of a noisy garage door.
The good news is, you don’t need to get yourself worked up about a garage door that isn’t doing its thing. The chances are, it’s a super common problem and it’s easily fixed by a professional technician. Star Door Service fix misaligned garage doors on a daily basis, so it’s one of the most common problems they deal with. Replacing a broken torsion spring can be incredibly dangerous if you’re unsure what you’re doing. That’s why you should always call a professional to take care of it for you.
The main reason why we lubricate our garage doors is to prevent shearing and grating. Just like getting friction burn from a slide with no water, your garage door components suffer shearing and grating when they’re not lubricated. Rollers, tracks, hinges and springs can all be slowly worn away if they lack lubrication. Eventually, they’ll grind away to the point that they snap or cause damage to another part of your garage door. Lubricating your door is a simple and affordable way to prevent…