Roller Door Motor Servicing Throughout Perth

As a main access point for your home or business, you need a roller door in good working order. It’s no use being stuck in the garage when you have important errands to run, or if your business depends on getting deliveries out of the warehouse through a roller door. Whether your roller door motor is sluggish or fails to run on occasion, it’s important to get the motor fixed before you find yourself on the wrong side of the door. Along with our garage door motor repairs, we provide spare parts, maintenance and remote controls for all roller door styles on any Perth property.

Star Door Service provide garage door motor replacements and maintenance to homes and business throughout Perth. We fix and service all automatic openers for garage doors. Here’s a list of some of the more popular models:


  • Merlin 230T (Chamberlain)
  • Merlin MT800 & MT1000 (Chamberlain)
  • Guardian 21230L (Chamberlain)
  • BOSS BOL4 (Chamberlain)
  • ATA GDO-11 (Automatic Technology Australia)
  • ATA GDO-9 (Automatic Technology Australia)
  • Glidermatic (Gliderol)
  • Superlift SDO10 (Superlift)


  • Merlin MR650 (Chamberlain)
  • Merlin MR850 (Chamberlain)
  • Merlin MRC950 (Chamberlain)
  • Boss BRD9 (Chamberlain)
  • ATA GDO-6v (Automatic Technology Australia)
  • ATA GDO-10 Toro (Automatic Technology Australia)


  • ATA Easyslider Gate Opener

Contact Our Perth-Based Team

If your garage door motor needs to be replaced, we can supply and install a brand new motor for you. For any questions about our Perth-based service feel free to contact our team on 08 9301 1919. Here are a few features on some of the motors listed above:

Sectional / Tilt Door Openers

SDO3 (Superlift)

The SDO3 is a DC powered belt drive sectional door operator. The motor is very powerful yet quiet. They also have a long life expectancy and the digital display helps make those final adjustments and coding in extra remotes very simple.



The Tiltmaster is a DC sectional door motor. It is a variable speed motor and automatically selects the speed based on the type of door. It has some great qualities such as it’s bright LED lights as you are driving into your garage of a night and uses 75% less energy.



The Guardian / BOL4 is a powerful chain-driven AC automatic opener which is suitable for most sectional garage doors and tilt garage doors. The Guardian also features a safety function which will see the door stop and reverse if obstructed.


ATA GDO-11v1 Ero (Automatic Technology Australia)

The ATA GDO-11v1 is a DC sectional door motor. With its low headroom capability and optional extras, such as a whisper quiet belt drive, this motor is ideal for domestic households.



Roller Door Openers

ATA GDO-6v3 (Automatic Technology Australia)

The ATA GDO-6v3 is a slim fit DC roller door motor. Australian built, it features soft start/stop technology, prolonging the life of the motor and comes available with optional extras such as solar powering and battery back-up.


Merlin MR650 (Chamberlain)

The Merlin MR650 is a roller door motor, designed in Australia, ideal for roller doors with a minimal side room. The slim fit model is capable of running single and double doors up to 12.5m2.



Commercial / Industrial Roller Door Openers

ATA GDO-10 Toro (Automatic Technology Australia)

The ATA GDO-10 is a large roller door motor capable of lifting doors up to 28m2. With its super quiet operation and built-in battery backup, it features an LCD wall mounted control panel with backlit buttons and a variety of different operation modes.


Merlin MRC950 (Chamberlain)

The Merlin MRC950 is a roller door motor which is designed for heavy domestic or light commercial doors up to 25.0m2. The powerful design is made for low cycle use and is equipped with Chamberlain’s soft start/stop technology.


Gate Openers

ATA Easyslider Gate Opener (Automatic Technology Australia)

The ATA Easyslider Gate Opener is designed to operate most domestic sliding gates including solid gates. It has many features including dual gate installations and also provides a key lockable disengaging lever.