​Four Common Reasons Your Garage Door May Need Service and Repair

The rules of getting your car serviced is easy. You either service it every 10,000km, or twice a year – and there’s always a little sticker in the top corner of your windshield which gives you the date or mileage point to service it. 

Garage doors, however, don’t have those little service stickers on their windshields. In fact, they don’t even have windshields. So, when it comes to servicing your garage door, it can be tricky to know when to do it. Here are four common reasons why you’d need to service or repair your garage door. 


1) It’s noisy

One of the most common garage door problems for homeowners? When your door starts to make unwanted, unsettling noises. Those crunching, grinding, squeaking, scraping noises (and, later, screaming noises coming from you in response) are enough to give any homeowner a headache. But don’t freak out if your garage door has grown a voice box in the last couple of days – simply call a team member from Star Door Service. They’ll identify the cause of the noise, usually bent tracks, broken wheels or something similar, and repair it immediately.

2) You haven’t got it serviced in a while

Getting your garage door serviced is a bit like going to the dentist: if you can’t remember the last time you did it, you should definitely do it. Whether it’s been 18 months, 3 years, 10 years or 20 years since you last got your door serviced, don’t hesitate to book in and get your door serviced or repaired. There’s always something that can be improved in the functionality of your door – whether it’s more lubrication, an alignment or a full-scale service.

3) It’s stuck in the same position

You know what they say: what goes up, must come down. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to go. If you opened or closed your door one day, and now it’s refusing to budge, you’ll need to call up an expert technician like Star Door Service. This is a pretty common problem which could be down to a few different things – a broken cable, a faulty opener or jamming of the rollers.

4) It’s not quite working the way it should

Does your door shudder on the way up or down? Does it make a mysterious rattling noise which you can’t seem to pinpoint? Does it seem lethargic in dragging itself up and shoving itself down? Or does it seem to have a mind of its own, going halfway up, then down, then up again for no apparent reason? When your garage door doesn’t function properly, just call the guys at Star Door Service.

As Perth’s leaders in the garage door repairs and maintenance industry for over 20 years, Star Door Service are your local bunch of legends for everything garage doors. They’ve seen it all, and repaired it all – no job too big or too small! Get the best service at an affordable price when you choose Star Door Service.