Why You Should Service Your Garage Door Before Issues Arise

Ever wondered why we get our cars serviced? No, of course you haven’t: it’s simply logical. Even though there’s nothing noticeably wrong with our car before we get it serviced, there are still some things behind the scenes that need to be taken care of, like changing the oil and filter, and possibly bigger jobs like replacing the engine mounts or fan belt. We get our cars serviced before issues arise, saving us money and keeping us safe.

It’s always the smarter idea to maintain things so that they don’t break down, rather than waiting till they do. Garage doors are exactly the same; here are a few reasons why you should always service your garage door before issues arise.



Safety is the biggest benefit of servicing your garage door. If you let your garage door go without a service, then you’re risking a serious safety hazard. Your cables, for example, could be on their last legs, literally hanging on by a thread. If they were to snap, your door could come crashing down on your car when reversing out of the driveway, or, even worse – a family member. It’s not worth the risk of not servicing your garage door, in hopes of saving a few bucks in the short term.

Servicing is cheaper than repairs

With basically everything, servicing is cheaper than repairs. Cars, instruments, dishwashers, houses, technology… the list goes on. Garage door services cost far less than repairs. So, you’ll save money in the long run if you stick to a regular service routine.

A broken garage door can hold you up

Broken garage doors aren’t just dangerous – they’re pretty damn annoying. Imagine having a really important meeting at work one day, and your garage door refuses to open on that exact day. It’s Murphy’s Law! And stuff like that happens all the time. Your garage door will never miss a beat if you get it serviced before issues arise.

Less headaches

As a homeowner, your life is already full of headaches. There are water bills, gas bills, electricity bills, council rates, leaking taps, rusting gutters, tree that needs cutting down, partner wants to renovate, the kids drew self-portraits on the walls… we don’t need to remind you of how many things go wrong as a homeowner. So, what’s the last thing you need on your plate? A faulty garage door. Save yourself that extra headache and just get it serviced!

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