​What Garage Door Opener Should I Buy?​​​

Thinking about updating the ol’ Openy-Closey? The mayor of Up-And-Down Town? Your Two-Button Buddy?

We’ll stop there. We’re talking about your garage door opener. You need a new garage door opener, but you’re not sure which one to buy. That’s fair enough; it’s not as if you’re flicking through garage door opener magazines in your spare time, checking out the stats and comparing models. If you did, you wouldn’t be here. Here’s a guide to which garage door opener you should buy, depending on your type of garage door.


Roller doors vs tilt and sectional doors

The first thing to understand is that roller doors have different openers to sectional and tilt doors. While roller doors roll into a cylinder above the garage, sectional and tilt doors are stored horizontally below the ceiling. Roller doors need a specific opener to do this, as do tilt and sectional doors. Using a tilt or sectional opener on a roller door would be a built like trying to drive a boat on land: you could try it, but, gee, you’d look a bit silly.

Best openers for roller doors

Let’s start with roller door openers. Compact, simple and reliable, here are two of the best roller door openers to purchase for your home:

  • ATA GDO-6v3

One of our favourite roller door openers is the ATA GDO-6v3 by Automatic Technology Australia. It’s built right here in Australia so you know you’re getting a reliable, well-crafted product that’s fit to serve you for the years to come. The GDO-6v3 has soft start-and-stop technology which helps to preserve the motor, giving it an easy life. Modern extras are available such as solar powering and battery back-up.

  • Merlin MR650

If your garage is narrow and you’re a little strapped for space, then the Merlin MR650 is one of the best roller door openers you can buy. It’s ultra-slim in design and purpose-built for garage doors with minimal side room. It’s capable of operating single and double doors up to 12.5m2.

Best openers for tilt and sectional doors

Here are some of our favourite openers for tilt and sectional doors:

  • Superlift SDO3

The SDO3 is a top notch sectional/tilt door opener. It’s powerful yet quiet and is known for its long-life motor.

  • Tiltmaster MT100EVO

The MT100EVO has a range of cool features like adjustable speed settings, bright LED lights and energy efficient design.

  • Guardian BOL4

Suitable for most tilt and sectional doors, the Guardian BOL4 features auto-reverse technology and sleek, elegant design.

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