If I Damage Just One Segment of My Sectional Garage Door, Can Just That Be Replaced?

Sectional garage doors are simply gorgeous things. We love watching them elegantly and quietly raise to an open position, and repeat the motion when closing. Seriously – we could sit around and watch them do their thing all day! However, the boss wouldn’t be too happy if we did that.

While sectional doors are attractive and reliable, we do sometimes hear of a single panel getting damaged. This leads the door owner to ask, in a panic-stricken tone, whether a single panel can be replaced, or whether the whole door needs to go. Keep reading to find out!


Sectional door panels are easy to replace

Good news: sectional doors are able to be replaced section by section rather than installing a whole new door. You beauty! This repair is great for when one panel of the door has been damaged and the other panels are still fully in tact. 

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, however. Replacing one panel of your sectional door comes with some disadvantages. If you’ve had the door for a while, it has most likely become a weathered due to rain and sunlight. This means that, when you replace the old panel with a new one, it will stand out against the other panels, requiring you to repaint the door to make it look good once again. 

Replacing the entire door versus replacing a single panel

There are other times when it’s not worth replacing a single panel and you may as well go with an entirely new door. For example, if multiple panels have been damaged, it worth investing in a new door, rather than trying to save what can’t be saved. The more panels you need to replace, the more complex and expensive the job is going to be. 

Panel connections

Also consider the panel connections, because even slight damage to the connecting edge of the panel will lead to failure eventually. This could cause further damage to your tracks and your motor if they’re working too hard to operate a faulty door.

Steel roller doors and tilt doors

Roller doors and tilt doors, unfortunately, are not able to have sections replaced; as you know, they’re not sectional. If you’re dealing with a damaged roller or tilt door, just get in touch with the team at Star Door Service.

Star Door Service are your local specialists in replacing panels on sectional doors. They’re one of Perth’s best teams for repairs, services and installations of all kinds of garage doors. A family-owned and operated business, Star Door Service are proud to offer the best workmanship at the best price, helping their fellow Perth locals wherever possible.