Why Are There So Many Types of Garage Door Remotes?

Remotes. They’re the death of us, aren’t they? You need one remote for the TV, one for the Apple TV, another for the Chromecast, one for Foxtel (if you’re still living in the stone age), and then, to top things off, you need a remote for your garage door.

Can’t you just find a remote that does absolutely everything, and gives you a back rub while it’s at it? The sad reality is, no – you’ll have to put up with a whole arsenal of remotes for the time being.

The good news is that you’ll only ever need one type of garage door remote for your garage. And you’ll only need to use one or two buttons. So then, why are there so many types of garage door remotes? Let’s find out.


Different remotes have different benefits

Not every remote control is the same. Some remote controls have better security features than others, some have heavier-duty cases so they can withstand being dropped, and others are simply more stylish and less cumbersome. 

Remotes with extra security features

Some types of remotes have vastly superior security features over others. Take a look at openers and remotes that have a scrambling code, which changes the wireless code each time the door gets opened. These remote systems are now the gold standard, preventing hackers from cracking your garage door code and opening your garage. 

Visor clip remotes

Instead of attaching your garage door remote to your key chain, you might prefer the good, ol’ visor clip remote, which clips to your sun visor. On your sun visor, it’s out of the way, it’s one less thing to carry around with you and it’s ready to go when you need to open or close your garage door.

Brands of garage door remotes

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of which brand of garage door remote is compatible with your opener. Think about coffee machines, for example. There are hundreds of brands of coffee machine, even though you could probably only name four or five. Unless, of course, you’re a barista and can name all of them in reverse alphabetical order. Some popular brands of garage door remote are ATA, Merlin, Guardian and Boss. 

How to tell which type of garage door remote you need

Figuring out which type of replacement remote you need is easy: just contact the team at Star Door Service and they’ll help you out!

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