Will Servicing My Own Garage Door Void My Warranty?

Garage door problems, though frustrating, are usually nothing to worry about. Your world isn’t going to start caving in around you and, while you should get your door fixed as soon as possible, you needn’t fret over an issue with your garage door.

There are two reasons for this: 1) garage door repairs are usually very easy for a technician to fix and 2) they’re usually very cheap too. Most services cost less than a couple hundred bucks to get your door back in full swing… which is very cheap when compared to a MacBook screen replacement, costing just over $1000. Highway robbery!

So, even though we literally just told you that garage services are very inexpensive, there might be a couple of you stubborn little buggers who think, “Stuff it, I’m gonna do it myself!” And if you haven’t exited your browser yet, hopped in the car and sped down to Bunnings, let us tell you why that’s a bad idea. 


Yes: servicing your garage door on your own could void the warranty

Many garage door manufacturers have clauses in their warranties that state that only a recognised repairer can conduct maintenance and repairs on your garage door. To confirm whether your garage door warranty states this, you have to check with your manufacturer. Otherwise, if you so much as tighten a screw on your garage door, you could be voiding a warranty which is worth far more than the cost of a routine garage door service.

Why you shouldn’t try to service your garage door under any circumstances

Never try to service your garage door on your own if you’ve got a warranty which is void by such actions. You might think you’d be able give it a go and, if things go awry, you can just say that you never touched it. But garage door manufacturers have eagle eyes for this kind of stuff and some of them are looking for any chance to save themselves a buck and void your warranty.

Don’t waste your time

Even if your garage door is no longer covered by a warranty, you could still be wasting your time if you try to service your garage door and don’t completely know what you’re doing. Sure, you can give YouTube a crack – but there’s no way that half an hour on YouTube is going to give you the same skillset as a qualified garage door technician. So, don’t waste your time: call a professional instead.

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