How Often Should Garage Door Maintenance Be Performed

There’s no better feeling than getting your garage door serviced. We’re serious – it runs smoother, it’s quieter and you can feel great in the knowledge that your garage door is completely safe to use. 

Considering it’s such a great feeling, we certainly shouldn’t deny ourselves that satisfaction for long periods at a time. And, more realistically, we shouldn’t let our garage doors go neglected. How often should maintenance be performed on your garage door? Let’s find out.


Service it annually

Your garage door should be serviced once a year to ensure that it runs smoothly and safely. During your service, your garage door will be given a complete once-over. Here’s what your garage door technician will do during a service:

  • Inspect the fixings

Here, we check that your door is firmly fixed to your roof so that there’s no chance of it coming off and potentially damaging your property or, worse, injuring you or a family member.

  • Cleaning and straightening the guides

If your guides aren’t as straight as possible, your door won’t be functioning evenly or smoothly and could lead to further misalignment and damage. It’s also normal for the guides to be clogged with leaves, pine needles, spiderwebs and other debris which needs cleaning out.

  • Checking the spring tension

There’s a lot riding on your torsion spring… the whole operation of your door to be precise! Here, we check your torsion spring and make sure it’s correctly balanced.

  • Lubricating the hubs and springs

Without sufficient lubrication, your door won’t be running as smoothly as it should. It’s like a car motor with no oil!

  • Inspect the motor

Your garage door specialist should also inspect the motor and make sensitivity adjustments if needed.

When to get maintenance and repairs

If you have a garage door that isn’t doing what it should be doing (which is opening and closing quietly, smoothly and quickly), then call up a team member from Star Door Service immediately. Maintenance and repairs are something that shouldn’t wait. Imagine driving a car around when it has a faulty component: you simply wouldn’t. 

  • Broken springs

When your garage door spring breaks, you’ll hear a loud bang and be able to see that the spring has snapped. Don’t use your door, and call a technician right away.

  • Misalignment

Don’t use a garage door that’s misaligned – you could cause further damage to the door. Call a technician immediately.

  • Grinding, scraping, squeaking noises

These noises could be occurring due to a number of problems, so call a specialist from Star Door Service and get your door inspected today.

As Perth’s leaders in the garage door repairs and maintenance industry for over 20 years, Star Door Service are your local bunch of legends for everything garage doors. They’ve seen it all, and repaired it all. Get the best service at an affordable price when you choose Star Door Service.