Garage Door Repairs

When deciding on replacing or repairing your system, our technicians are happy to help you by giving you their suggestion, taking into account the model, age and condition of the unit as well as the economic aspect of the decision. We can also convert your existing garage door to automatic.

Some common problems include broken springs, frayed or loose cables and broken motor parts.  Are you experiencing any of these problems? If so, contact us today. Don’t forget we have no call out fee!

Broken Springs

If you have a broken spring it is always best to replace both springs as the other spring will be stressed and will also end up breaking in due course. The springs are quite dangerous to handle on your own. If you experience breakage of one of these springs, call us and we can bring the correct springs and install them hassle-free.

BROKEN SPRING.jpgSectional Door Spring.jpg

Frayed or Broken Cables

Frayed or broken cables can be dangerous as they can cause damage to your car or even personal injury. They should be promptly replaced by an experienced technician. Why do the cables snap? Sometimes it’s just wear and tear, maybe you reside close to the beach and the salty air has done some harm to the cables or maybe your doors’ tension may have been low for an extended period of time, and that caused it to fray.

Broken Cables off Drum.jpg Cables.jpg

Broken Tilt Door Springs

You might experience from time to time some problems with your Tilt Door such as broken springs or connection to the wall or jamb. They are very inexpensive to repair. It does not matter how old your tilt door is – we have most of the parts to fix your problems.

Tilt Door Springs.jpg Black Tilt Door Spring.jpg

Broken hinges

We can come to you and replace any or all of your hinges if they are broken whether they are steel or plastic.

Steel Hinge 2.jpgPlastic Hinge.jpg

Broken motor parts

You will find at times the motor will break down from the dust and the salt in the atmosphere. Without continuous maintenance, drastic results can happen to it. For example, the chain may break in half or the motor may seize up. Leaks in the roof of your garage can also lead to the motor burning out but with regular maintenance, you can avoid all this happening.

Broken motor chain.jpg

If this has happened to you, we can be called out to secure your door and make it safe so you can get your car out. We can also organise a free quotation to replace your damaged door. Depending on your insurance company if it is an accident you may be able to claim it on your policy.