How to Program Your Garage Door Opener Remotes and Keypads

Remember what it used to mean 20 years ago if your garage door remote stopped working? You’d have to go down to the special remote store, ask about a replacement, know the exact model of opener and, somehow, some way, figure out how to program it yourself – with an internet speed that seemed as though your computer was plugged into a turnip.

Nowadays, we’re a lot better off. Learning how to program your garage door opener remotes and keypads is easy. All it takes is a little help from a pro!

Here, the experts at Star Door Service explain how to program remotes and keypads for your garage door opener, and what to do if you’re stuck.

How do garage door remotes work?

Ever wondered how garage door remotes perform the magic trick they’re so acclaimed for? It starts when you press the button, which sends a coded signal via radio frequency to your garage door opener. The opener recognises this code, and fulfils the request of opening or closing the garage door.

Modern openers all feature rolling code technology, which changes the coded signal each time the opener is used. This makes it nearly impossible for hackers to gain access to your garage, because the code is changed so often.

Which type of replacement remote should I buy?

It’s always best to go with the exact same model of garage door opener remote as your previous one, because these are generally higher performing and better quality than generic ones.

If sourcing an exact replacement isn’t possible, than just go with a generic garage door remote. Star Door Service can point you in the right direction in terms of buying an exact replacement or generic model opener remote.

How to program a garage door opener remote

Most new garage door opener remotes and keypads have a similar programming process. It’s important to note that not every model is the same, however, and it’s best to refer to your manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Press the ‘Learn’ or ‘Door Code’ button on your opener for 3 seconds. A paperclip or pin may be needed to do this.
  • Release the button when the light on your opener starts to flash.
  • Press the transmitter button on your replacement remote for 3 seconds until your motor light flashes again. This indicates the signal is received.
  • Push the ‘Learn’ or ‘Door Code’ button once more to set the code. A light should blink which signifies the code has been changed.
  • Test the door and if any problems arise, call the team at Star Door Service.

Star Door Service are Perth’s finest team for garage door service and repairs, and programming remotes and keypads is part of their expertise. If you have a new opener remote or keypad that’s tricky to program, just get in touch with their specialist team of technicians.

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