Why Does My Garage Door Opener Go Up But Not Down With Remote?

Life is like a rollercoaster. It has its ups and downs. Your garage door should be like a rollercoaster too, going up and down with ease. But if it’s only going up, and you can’t figure out why – well, this is one of life’s downs!

Enough with the riddles. What should you do if your garage door opener is going up but not down using your remote? Let’s ask the team at Star Door Service and find out!

Blocked path between sensors

If your garage door goes up but not down, the first thing to check is your laser sensors. These are the little scanners on either side of the garage door which detect when something is in the way, preventing your door from closing. While there may not be anything significant in the way, there could be leaves and other debris that might be preventing your laser sensors from giving your opener the all-clear.

Dirt on the laser sensors

It could also be due dirty laser sensors. If you’ve recently had a storm or there’s pollen in the air, your laser sensors can quickly become dirty. This dirt interferes with communication between your laser sensors, meaning that your door is able to go up, but it’s not able to come down again because your laser sensors think something is in the way. Get a microfibre cloth, spray it lightly with water and gently wipe away any muck off the laser sensors. Hopefully your garage door opener is given the all-clear!

Faulty wiring

Another possible cause of the problem could be faulty wiring. This one is difficult to assess if you’re not a garage door technician, so it’s best to get your opener inspected by someone from Star Door Service. They’ll run some diagnostics and assess whether or not it’s the wiring that’s preventing your garage door from closing.

The remote is faulty

If the problem isn’t to do with your laser scanners, then it’s likely a problem with your remote. Try to close your garage door using the button on the opener itself, rather than the remote control. If it closes, then the problem is your remote. Buttons on remotes can wear out after a while, so if you need a replacement remote, contact Star Door Service.

Star Door Service are the team you need if you’ve got a garage door that opens but doesn’t close. They handle opener issues on a regular basis, providing cost-effective solutions through repairs or replacements. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the technicians at Star Door Service have seen it all – and repaired it all, too! Get in touch with the team for an opener inspection today.

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