How Can I Reset My Garage Door Remote?

Garage door remote not working? In a rush to get to work? Feel like throwing your remote against the wall and calling it a day?

Don’t follow through on that last part – trust us. It’s common to deal with garage door remote problems and it’s rarely worth destroying your remote in a fit of rage.

Instead, we’ll troubleshoot to figure out the solution, helping you reset your garage door opener and reprogram its remote.

You don’t reset the remote – you reset the opener

It’s a commonly asked question: how do I reset my remote? For most garage door systems, it’s not actually the remote that gets reset – it’s the opener. After resetting the opener, you’ll then have to program the remote, which we’ll touch base on further in the article.

How to reset your garage door opener

While all models of garage door opener are different, most of them share a similar way of being reset. Don’t forget to consult your owner’s manual, which will outline a detailed guide on resetting your opener. Most openers, however, are reset by following a similar process to this:

  • Find the reset button
  • Hold it down for 3-5 seconds, or until the LED light begins to blink
  • Your opener is reset
  • Program your remote (see below)

How to reprogram a garage door opener remote

Most new garage door opener remotes and keypads have a similar programming process. It’s important to note that not every model is the same, however, and it’s best to refer to your manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Press the ‘Learn’ or ‘Door Code’ button on your opener for 3 seconds. A paperclip or pin may be needed to do this.
  • Release the button when the light on your opener starts to flash.
  • Press the transmitter button on your replacement remote for 3 seconds until your motor light flashes again. This indicates the signal is received.
  • Push the ‘Learn’ or ‘Door Code’ button once more to set the code. A light should blink which signifies the code has been changed.
  • Test the door and if any problems arise, call the team at Star Door Service.

What to do if none of this works

So you read the whole article, followed all the steps and – hey presto – it didn’t do diddly squat. That’s when it’s time to call a professional from Star Door Service. They’ll run a series of diagnostics on your opener and find out what’s causing the problem.

Star Door Service are the team you need if you’ve got problems with your garage door opener and remote. They handle opener issues on a regular basis, providing cost-effective solutions through repairs or replacements. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the technicians at Star Door Service have seen it all – and repaired it all, too! Get in touch with the team for an opener inspection today.

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