The Role of Lubrication in Maintaining Your Garage Door

Waterslides are a lot of fun. They’re exhilarating, safe and great for the whole family. Now, imagine a waterslide with no water. Trying to go belly-side down a waterslide wouldn’t get you very far, apart from maybe a trip to the medical tent with a serious case of friction burn.

It’s a similar story for a garage door with no lubrication. Lubrication plays an essential role in maintaining and operating your garage door, and failing to keep it lubricated comes with a serious price.

Here, the expert technicians at Star Door Service tell us about the role of lubrication in maintaining your garage door, and why it’s important to call a professional when your door needs lubricating.

Lubrication prevents shearing and grating

The main reason why we lubricate our garage doors is to prevent shearing and grating. Just like getting friction burn from a slide with no water, your garage door components suffer shearing and grating when they’re not lubricated.

Rollers, tracks, hinges and springs can all be slowly worn away if they lack lubrication. Eventually, they’ll grind away to the point that they snap or cause damage to another part of your garage door. Lubricating your door is a simple and affordable way to prevent serious door damage.

It prevents noise

Like nails on a chalkboard, a squeaky, noisy garage door is enough to make us shudder. A noisy garage door isn’t just annoying for you, the homeowner: it’s also a sign that your garage door components are being worn away. Lubricating your garage door solves both problems, so you can start your day off listening to the birds chirp, rather than a grinding garage door!

It protects your rollers

Lubricant is essential to your garage door rollers. Without sufficient lubrication, your rollers are at risk of seizing up or simply snapping right off. This problem will continue again and again, no matter how many rollers you replace. Lubricant is the only way to make sure your rollers are performing optimally, and that your door is perfectly aligned.

It’s important for your chain-drive opener, too

Your garage door needs lubricant, but so does your opener if it runs on a chain-drive. It’s just like lubricating a bike chain; we use grease on a bicycle so that it pedals smoothly and the gears can switch effectively without clicking or grinding. Chain-drive openers use a similar type of mechanism and, without proper lubrication, you risk wearing out your opener – and that will cost you in the hundreds to replace.

Lubricating your garage door is one of the most important services you can do for your door. Just get in touch with the team at Star Door Service when it’s time for your 6-monthly garage door lubrication. As Perth’s best team for a range of garage door services and repairs, their expert technicians are known for diligence, attention to detail and friendly service. Grab a quote from Star Door Service today!

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