How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

Humans are funny when it comes to noise. We turn the fan on at bedtime for a ‘good’ noise to help us sleep, which counteracts the ‘bad’ noise of our neighbours having a party and playing nothing but ABBA.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the Swedish pop group, there’s one noise that’s never welcomed: garage door noise.

If you’ve got a noisy garage door, you’ve come to the right place. Here, the experts at Star Door Service tell us how to fix a noisy garage door.

Lubricate or replace the rollers

Your rollers have their work cut out for them. Several times a day, they work as a team to pull your garage door up and lower it down. If just one or two rollers aren’t properly lubricated, it’s likely that you’ll know about it when they start producing a squeaking or scraping sound. Lubrication is a great place to start and, if that still doesn’t do the trick, the professionals at Star Door Service will identify the broken rollers and replace them.

Realign the door

When Nan’s hips are misaligned, the poor old thing won’t be quiet about it. And if your garage door is misaligned, it’ll probably make a bit of noise, too. Instead of ringing the physio, however, you’ll ring Star Door Service whose team of technicians will inspect your garage door, locate the source of the misalignment and fix your noisy, wonky garage door in a flash. Sadly, we won’t be of any help to your nan.

Clean the tracks

Most garage door technicians are clean freaks. They won’t go through your home and show you where you’ve forgotten to dust, but they will point out if your garage door tracks are dirty or full of debris. Clogged garage door tracks could also be the source of a noisy garage door. It may sound surprising, but technicians often find all sorts of objects lodged in the tracks and causing a racket: sticks, rocks, bird feathers, tennis balls… you name it!

Tighten the opener chain

Garage door opener chains are important: so important, that Fleetwood Mac wrote a song about them. If you promised you’d ‘never break the chain’, then get in touch with Star Door Service because it might be the source of your noisy garage door. A chain that’s faulty or too loose will cause your door to become noisy, so a repair or tightening service should do the trick.

Can’t bear the cacophony of grinding, scraping and squeaking of your garage door any longer? Get in touch with Star Door Service. Star Door Service are your local experts for garage door repairs and service. As Perth’s best team for a range of garage door services and repairs, their expert technicians are known for diligence, attention to detail and friendly service. Grab a quote from Star Door Service today!

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