Why Is My Garage Door Not Responding To The Remote?

Your garage door remote has one job. It has literally one job. Open the garage door, close the garage door. It couldn’t be more simple. So, why the heck is it refusing to work all of a sudden?

We get it. A garage door that isn’t responding to the remote is super frustrating. But instead of increasing your stress levels, take a deep breath and read this post. Here, the experts at Star Door Service run us through a few possible reasons why your garage door and remote aren’t talking to each other anymore:

The remote batteries are dead

Can’t remember the last time you changed your garage door remote batteries? It’s possible that the batteries are dead. Remove the battery cover, take out the batteries and bring them to your local battery store. They’ll find a replacement and your remote should be as good as new. 

The remote is dead

Or, if it’s not as good as new, then it could be a problem with the remote itself. If your remote is dead, you can easily grab a replacement from the team at Star Door Service. They stock a load of different high quality garage door remotes for different openers, which should solve the problem. 

The settings changed

Ah yes, the settings on your garage door opener have mysteriously changed. This is one is common after a power failure or a blackout, or it could have happened with no reason at all… sometimes, machines have a mind of their own! Thankfully, all this requires is a quick look in the owner’s manual to find out how to reset your garage door opener and reconnect your remote. Once this is complete, your opener and remote should once again be on friendly terms!

There’s a problem with your garage door opener

Another reason why your garage door opener isn’t responding to your remote is that there could be a problem with the opener itself. Try operating your garage door opener using the button on the unit itself. If it works, then it’s either a connectivity- or remote-related problem. If it doesn’t, then it’s likely a problem with your garage door opener. Star Door Service inspect and repair garage door openers, so give the team a call if this is the case.

Star Door Service are the team you need if your garage door opener and remote aren’t responding to each other and you can’t figure out why. They handle opener issues on a regular basis, providing cost-effective solutions through repairs or replacements. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the technicians at Star Door Service have seen it all – and repaired it all, too! Get in touch with the team for an opener inspection today.

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