Garage door repairs cost far more than getting a service. An average garage door service is usually less than a couple hundred bucks, unless it’s discovered that a component needs repairing – then it’ll cost a little more.
While it may seem less complicated than repairing a car, there are nevertheless some very complex components in your garage door, and unless you know exactly what you’re doing, you risk causing more damage than doing any good.
The garage door motor is one of the most used machines in our house.
Garage doors are used on a daily basis – often numerous times – so why put up with a sluggish, underperforming door?
Almost every part of your home needs maintenance once in a while. Your windows need cleaning, your walls need painting,
The two words that ping around your brain like a tennis ball between Raffa and Nadal:
Replacing your garage door can be a bit of a headache. You have to come home from work to a door that isn’t quite the same as your old one,
Garage doors are wonderful things. We use them every single day, and they guard one of our most prized possessions: our cars.
When your garage door cable breaks, it may initially seem like all hell is about to break loose. Can you open it? Can you close it?
Garage door buzzer not working? Motor isn’t turning on? Power outage in the neighbourhood? Unless you want to commit to walking as your main mode of transport, you’ll probably need to manually lift your garage door.