In fact, before you even know what a torsion spring looks like, you should be alarmed by its name: torsion spring. It holds a lot of tension and, if that’s not dealt with properly, it could result in a serious injury. Always choose a top quality team of garage door technicians to fix your garage door springs. Garage door technicians have been trained to conduct this type of work. Safe, high-quality workmanship is therefore guaranteed when you choose a professional from Star Door Service.
Some repairs need two technicians to be completed. If your garage door needs to be removed from the tracks, you certainly won’t be doing this yourself. Not only can they weigh around 200kg, but they’re large and impossible to manoeuvre. In Australia, and many other western countries, you need an official qualification to get work as a garage door technician. Similar to other trades, they can take months for students to complete and prove that they’re capable of carrying out the work.
Garage door repairs aren’t expensive when you consistently maintain your door. Getting your annual garage door service is the best way to avoid serious problems down the track, which end up costing you for repairs. Slow and steady maintenance safeguards you against having to face large, expensive repairs in the future.
Nobody likes to hear a grinding garage door opener A grinding garage door opener could be due to a faulty mechanism within it, requiring a professional repair or replacement. A garage door opener that opens half way before closing again could also be experiencing various problems. The team at Star Door Service have handled plenty of these, ensuring your door is up and running in no time.
If your garage door opener is slower than usual, or makes a shuddering noise when you use it, then it’s probably on the way out. Replacing your garage door opener in this situation is better to take care of sooner rather than later; using a faulty garage door opener is dangerous, and it could lead to greater inconveniences like not being able to open your door when you’re in a rush for work.
As the largest moving object in your home, it’s absolutely crucial that your garage door runs smoothly in the colder months. This is because winter is when mechanical objects most often have issues. Do a quick inspection of your garage door to see if there’s anything noticeably wrong with it. Here, you’ll be looking at the chains, springs, cables, hinges and roller wheels to make sure everything is intact and well aligned. If you spot something a bit suss, then give the team at Star Door Service…
One of the most common reasons for a rusting garage door is its environment – namely, a coastal environment. If you live by the ocean, you might find that your garage door has started to show patches of rust in vulnerable areas quicker than you’d have liked. Lesser quality metal doors don’t undergo the rust-proofing processes of high quality metal doors
Repairing your garage door may require removing it, or removing the chains and belts that keep it in place. Failing to conduct this maintenance properly, without the right knowledge or equipment, could cause further damage to the door, your property or (worst of all) you or a family member.
Testing both ways of opening your garage door is crucial to troubleshooting the issue. If both your remote and opener button are giving you the same results, then you know it’s not an issue with either – per se. Call a professional garage door technician if your garage door opener is still refusing to budge.
Getting your garage door serviced is actually a great way to keep it secure. When your garage door is serviced regularly, you’re ensuring that all its parts are fully functional, which improves garage door security. While your technician is servicing your door, they’ll also perform maintenance on its locking system and your opener, lubricating necessary parts so that your door is always secure.