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New Remote Controls / Handsets / Fob


Looking for a new remote control for your garage door opener?


We offer a wide selection of handsets that will suit your garage door. Guardian, Boss, ATA, and Merlin are some of the most popular brands we carry and have in stock but if it’s not listed below please call us and we will do our best to locate it for you.


All remotes come with coding instructions for your garage door motor and can be posted to your address for $9 non-registered and $15 registered Australia Post. Alternatively we can also deliver and code your new garage door remote at your home for $50 for North of River premises and $80 for South of River premises.


If you would like us to service your garage door the above $50 or $80 delivery and new remote coding fee is waivered. Our garage door servicing is only $150.


Guardian 2 Button Garage Door Handset Guardian 3 Button Garage Door Handset Guardian Wireless Garage door Wall Button

Boss Wireless Wall Button

2 Button Handset – Discontinued

3 Button Handset – Discontinued Guardian Wall Button – Discontinued Boss Wall Button – Discontinued
 s-l1000 Guardian WKP Wireless Garage Door Key Pad  Boss BHT1 Remote boss-4-button

Boss 3 Button Handset

Guardian Wireless Keypad Boss BHT1 Handset

Boss 4 Button Handset


ATA PTX2 Orange Grey Garage Door Handset ATA PTX2 Grey Grey ATA PTX4 Blue Garage Door Handset ATA PTX5 Orange Grey Garage Door Handset

PTX – 2 Orange Handset – Discontinued

PTX – 2 Grey Handset – Discontinued PTX – 4 Blue Handset

PTX – 5 Orange Handset  Discontinued

ATA PTX5 Pink Garage Door Handset ATA PTX5 Grey Grey Garage Door Handset

ATA WTX Wall Mount Transmitter

ATA KPX Wireless Keypad
PTX – 5 Pink Handset – Discontinued PTX – 5 Grey Handset

WTX Wireless Wall Mount

KPX Wireless Keypad


e960m-web-horizontal-1 e950m-2-1 Merlin 3 Button Security+ Mini Remote Merlin 3CH mINI Remote - The Bear Claw

E960M 4 Button Premium+ Handset E950M 4 Button
Slider Handset
 E945M 3 Button
C945 3 Button
e138m shopping Merlin CM128 Wireless Wall Button Merlin E840M Wireless Wall Button Open
E138M Wireless
Wall Button
E128M Wireless
Wall Button
CM128 Wireless
Wall Button
E840M Wireless
Security Keypad
  Merlin M842 Merlin M802 Remote Control


M842 2 Button

M802 2 Button


  Chamberlain 4333A

Chamberlain 4335A
  4333a Visor Clip Handset 4335a Handset


Elsema one button Elsema two button


1 Channel Handset


2 Channel Handset



Seip A50 Seip TM60
A50 Handset –


TM60 Handset



noimage Superlift Australia

DTX4 Handset    TX4 Handset



Glidermatic 305 Dominator



Glidermatic 305
Dominator Handset Marantec Handset Avanti Handset –

If you have a handset that is not one of the above please give our office a call and we may be able to find one from another supplier for you.

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